Our Technology

  • Bio-MM

    For an extended 1-week, 1-month or 3-month treatment of cancers, the Bio-MM DDS is applied to incorporate the drug into...

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  • Bio-NN

    Bio-NN Nanoparticle Controlled-Release Injectable DDS technology is using liposome-encapsulated or albumin-bound drugs for prolonged bio half-life...

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  • Bio-D3

    Bio-D3 Target Delivery Transdermal DDS technology is employed with proprietary Bio-D3 skin penetration enhancers to develop...

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  • Bio-FX

    As an innovative dosage form principally for sublingual or oral cavity absorption, Orally Dissolving Film (“ODF”) is formulated...

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  • Bio-CR

    Bio-CR Oral Controlled-Release DDS technology is incorporated with captive API of proprietary manufacturing process and/or proprietary crystalline forms...

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