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Bio-D3 Transdermal Patch DDS Technology

Bio-D3 Target Delivery Transdermal DDS technology is employed with proprietary Bio-D3 skin penetration enhancers to develop a wide range of patch delivery systems varying from localized action to transdermal absorption for up to 7 days. The new generation of Bio-D3 transdermal patches includes:

  • Hydrogel Water-based Patch
  • Matrix Solvent-based Patch
  • Synthetic Rubber-based Patch


Major Advantages versus Conventional Patches:

  • Reduced Size (can be 30%, 40% or more)
  • Better Adhesion
  • Better Skin Feel
  • Lesser Skin Irritation
  • Better Patient Compliance
  • Improved Product Stability
  • Proprietary New Patch System Design