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Bio-CR Oral Controlled-Release DDS Technology

Bio-CR Oral Controlled-Release DDS technology is incorporated with captive API of proprietary manufacturing process and/or proprietary crystalline forms, coupled with non-infringing formulation/manufacturing process know-how, thereby allowing development of proprietary solid dosage forms and manufacturing processes within a relatively short development time period. It’s focused on developing low-solubility and super-saturation drug products.

Major Advantages versus Conventional Solid Dosage Products:

  • New Proprietary API Manufacturing Process
  • Focus on low-solubility and super-saturation APIs
  • Non-infringing and Proprietary Formulation and Delivery System
  • Secured Exclusive API Source
  • API Manufacturing Facility Already Inspected by the FDA
  • DMF Ready for Filling with the FDA
  • Competitive Costs