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Bio-FX Fast-Onset Orally-Dissolving Film (ODF) DDS Technology

As an innovative dosage form principally for sublingual or oral cavity absorption, Orally Dissolving Film (“ODF”) is formulated with a proprietary Bio-FX absorption enhancer system to greatly promote the absorption of the drug sublingually to bypass the first-pass liver and GI metabolisms, thereby significantly reducing its onset time and increasing its bioavailability, as well as producing other advantages outlined below. A specially designed taste-masking system is also incorporated to produce better mouth feel and taste.


 Major Advantages:

  • Fast Onset
  • Bypassing First-pass Metabolism
  • Reduced GI & Liver Side Effects
  • Improved Bioavailability
  • Prolonged Duration
  • Improved Taste & Mouth Feel
  • Convenient for Carrying, Administration Without Water
  • Avoid Swallowing Problem