About us

U.S. Operation:
Galaxy Bio, Inc.

About Us

Galaxy Bio, Inc. ("GBI") is located near Princeton, New Jersey, USA, and is the wholly-owned subsidiary of NAL Pharmaceutical Group Limited ("NAL"). GBI serves as the R&D operation of NAL in the U.S., and is applying NAL’s proprietary Bio-FX, Bio-D3, Bio-CR, Bio-NN, and Bio-MM Drug Delivery System (“DDS”) platform technologies to develop difficult-to-formulate and difficult-to-manufacture DDS products for the US and global markets. 

GBI develops and converts off-patent or patent-expiring drugs, which are difficult-to-formulate, difficult-to-duplicate, and/or difficult-to-manufacture, into value-added, unique, proprietary and non-infringing drug products, based on afore-mentioned NAL’s proprietary Drug Delivery System ("DDS") technologies. GBI has also been working with international pharmaceutical companies to extend the life cycles of blockbuster drugs by converting patent-expiring drugs to new drug products of improved DDS that are safer, patient-friendlier, and more effective.